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Home of the Yasunami Water Wheels

The Shikamura ("Four-Village") Channel forms a 160-meter-long, 11-meter-wide weir to fork the Ushiro River (branch of Shimanto River) in the Aso region, thereby enabling irrigation in the four villages of Akita, Yasunami, Saoka, and Kotsuka. In the old days, numerous water wheels dotted the peaceful country scenery, diverting water from this channel into the paddy fields.

Unfortunately, nowadays only a few water wheels remain to irrigate the fields. Additional inactive ones are also managed as sightseeing spots by the locals.

There is a park near the water wheels, which, along with the hydrangeas lining the waterway, adds a dash of color to the scenery.

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Dragonfly Nature Park & Akitsuio (Shimanto Study & Play Museum)

Water is the source of life, and the abundant waters of the Shimanto River - one of the last remaining pristine rivers - nurture the lives of various creatures. The unpolluted river is said to be home to species that do not exist elsewhere, and some 180 species of fish and 90 species of dragonfly dwell within the beautiful waters of Shimanto River.

Akitsuio (Shimanto Study & Play Museum) offers a chance to learn about the world of the miraculous creatures of Shimanto River while having fun. Equipped with every possible knowledge of the river and a global network of friends, the staff is prepared to provide you with quality information.

Play, learn, relax. Akitsuio (Shimanto Study & Play Museum) is a museum for the new era.

Contact: Akitsuio (Shimanto Study & Play Museum) 0880-37-4111

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Tosa Seinan Great Park & Tomarotto

Situated in close proximity to the mouth of the river, the giant park is home to a first-rate car camping site built on spacious high grounds overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

This park is among the largest in Shikoku, and equipped with outstanding facilities.

From here the panoramic view of the Pacific is truly memorable. Event spaces and athletics facilities are also available within the park.

Contact: Tomarotto 0880-33-0101

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Shimanto River Wild Bird Nature Park

Given today's world where opportunity to experience nature is diminishing, the Shimanto River Wild Bird Park was established to provide an opportunity to go into the world of insects, plants, fish, and wild birds to observe and learn about the natural environment. Constructed as a man-made lake amidst abundant nature, the park is situated in the Kanzaki District at the mouth of Shimanto River.

Facilities at the park include three observation huts, a 900-meter promenade, forests to attract birds, and floating islands. The park is an important habitat for birds such as great reed warblers, zitting cisticolas, and meadow bunting, species that are often to be found in grasslands and wilderness areas.

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Kozan-ji Temple & Citizens' Forest

A park for local residents near Kozan-ji Temple.
Aside from hiking and forest bathing, visitors can also enjoy the park, which is a stop-off point for migratory birds, as an ideal spot for bird watching. Kozan-ji Temple and other historic ruins related to the renowned Buddhist figure Kobo-Daishi are also found on the premise.

Planting of the trees of wisteria, the symbol flower of Shimanto City has also begun so that in the future, all of the 23 types of flowering wisteria that exist in this world can be enjoyed.

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Shimanto Canoe and Camp Village Kawarakko

Situated on the banks of the clear flowing Shimanto River and surrounded by a rich variety of nature, Shimanto Canoe and Camp Village Kawarakko offers 27 grass-covered camping spaces that overlook the Shimanto River. The spaces are fully equipped with restrooms, showers, coin operated washing machines, and a multi-purpose community center, along with outdoor equipment for rent such as tents, lanterns, mountain bikes, and around 100 canoes.

Downstream from the campsite, the gently flowing Shimanto River is a location where even beginners can experience canoeing. Kawarakko is a car camping site where you can enjoy the delights of the Shimanto River.

Open every day from July to September. Closed on Mondays (or on the following day if Monday is a national holiday) during the other months.
Contact: Kawarakko 0880-31-8400

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